Mini Model House, Robotime – Challenging to Build, Rewarding when Completed.

I decided to turn my hand to something different, during this lockdown.

Having completed a number of projects recently such as the Truck for Max, Medieval Village the Lisbon Tram, I came across a world of miniature model kits.

The finished marketing results looked less achievable when first opening the cardboard box that the kit comes in.

You’re supplied with everything from paper, wire, tissue, cord to little plastic and wooden parts from all sorts of other more accustomed environments.

The manual is really confusing because bags of parts are numbered in no logical order, and the manual often confuses you with strange instructions. Still, in the end, you get there, and that adds to the satisfying build and development of this project.

In the end the pictures speak for themselves and you can see how I progressed overtime

Every piece is intricate and requires patience and steady hands.

The main tools that you need though are clear glue, sharp knife blade, scissors, craft board and tweezers.

I also used pliers to cut, bend or straighten wire into shape.

Once everything is completed, you assemble on the base before adding the perplex building, which also needs intricate attention to get the right finish.

Finally, when you start to add the frame and detail along with the lighting, you end up with an imposing model that already for those that have seen it, have been really impressed and surprised at just how fabulous this flower house looks.

Totally recommend this kit for anyone with patience, steady hands and a desire to be busy. Taking your time rewards you with a real gem.

For more details of this and other kits take a look at Robotime and the Rolife section here.