Aedes ars Medieval Village model kit – Keeps you occupied with a real challenge

I thought I’d share with you a model kit that I started building months ago.

I’ve been challenged by the largest of Lego Technics, but this is way beyond that.

The parts are really very small and I would highly recommend a good modellers knife, tweezers and craft board.

It is a real challenge and one that requires little explanation except that each piece is made from a sort of cement which can be sanded and cut.

Sadly all the instructions are in Spanish so I guess you could say that I am working from my own imagination and images of the finished product.

The first thing that I had to do was to assemble the cardboard cut outs to form the model village. Each side being held together with a piece of card and glue. The wood glue is really good to work with, in that it comes off the fingers easily.

As you can see each piece of card is marked with letters and numbers so that you can identify which side connects to which side wall or roof.

There are literally thousands of pieces and it’s only through determination that you move slowly along towards completion of each piece. Each brick is glued individually to the cardboard buildings to slowly make up the structure.

They do provide pieces shaped for the arches called keystone bricks.

But you do need to cut out all the windows where marked. In hindsight probably easier to do before assembling the cardboard pieces.

I’m not finished yet as you can see, but felt it was worth showing you the progress made so far.

You can buy these kits from Aedes direct or via Amazon.