The UK General Election 2024 – we’re about to have change!

I’ll remember 2024 with despair!

In all my years, I have never been undecided about where I will cast my vote.

The Conservatives have blown their goodwill under Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak.

There have been five Prime Ministers over a decade, a pandemic, a war in Ukraine that affected energy prices, and an experiment on taxes that resulted in a massive rise in interest rates and inflation.

Don’t get me started on the mismanagement of Brexit, a decision given to ordinary people resulting in an almost hung jury!

And all that against the backdrop of politicians who lack integrity, tell lies, are less than frank with the truth and are vague about what they will or won’t do.

Tomorrow, after 14 years of Tory governance, the UK will cast its vote.

What saddens me is the lack of statesmen.

It feels like the United Kingdom is going backwards. We are becoming a third-world country where those who resent entrepreneurship and success honestly undermine the right to make money.

A country where we have little or no control over our borders, no systems in place to choose who can stay and those who can’t. A country where political correctness overrides common sense and security.

The opposition parties call for change with smoke and mirrors, hoping the electorate will sleepwalk into making decisions that will last a generation.

Whilst I’m not a religious man… God help us!

Friday 5th July 2024 – UPDATE