Odeon Cinema Trafford, the filthiest cinema I have ever been to, but who’s responsible? Customers or Management?

My wife and I recently visited the Odeon Cinema at the Trafford Centre to see Green Book.

We chose this cinema because the timings, location and the fact we had a gift card all suited us.

The cost of the evening was £22 for two tickets .. certainly not cheap.

On entering the cinema it was filthy. Dirty cups, bottles, bags, etc all over the floor and seats.

We assumed that it would be sorted before the film started. But sadly not.

I wrote and complained to the Odeon who said that they would not offer a refund, because I watched the film in full and should have reported the problem within 30 minutes.

I didn’t want to leave because this was our Saturday night out.

The question though is, do you agree with the Odeon or with me?