A Pebble for Remembrance – An excellent read by former colleague and friend

When I first married over 40 years ago, I made many new friends.

We would get together as newlyweds regularly as social contact was important for us all.

As time passed, some of us formed a group called Active Young Marrieds.

This is where I met and became lifelong friends with Ray and Maxine.

We raised money for charity, amongst other activities.

Many years later, after I was overwhelmed with my work, and by chance, when Ray was between jobs, I offered him a role in my business, which he stayed in for over 20 years.

We were different people then and now. He is still incredibly knowledgeable, he has a master’s degree in English too.

Sadly, he retired at the start of the COVID pandemic and at a time when his wife, Maxine, ’s health was in decline.

When Maxine sadly succumbed to her cancer, Ray put his mind to work and wrote a saga that would be published in her memory.

A Pebble for Remembrance is an exceptionally good read, taking the reader on a lifetime journey of a family torn apart, where their very existence looks to be almost extinct.

Set from the time of the pograms and leading up to the Second World War to the present day, you follow this family, which is brought to life with vivid detail, descriptions, and characters.

Ray Cook is a master of English, and this book is worthy of a prize.

Adding this to your reading list is a must for all.

You can get A Pebble for Remembrance from Amazon here