Tiergarten Zoo – Schönbrunn, Vienna – Certainly not a natural environment, but a pleasure seeing the Pandas.

As a naturalist I prefer animals to be in their natural habitats and surroundings. Sadly, a zoo is nothing but an unnatural place for animals, but it is a place to understand them and to see endangered and rare species.

One animal I have always wanted to see were Pandas, and that is what brought us to the Tiergarten Zoo.

We walked literally thousands of steps to get from the Schönbrunn Palace to the Tiergarten Zoo.

The Zoo for me was sterile, with most compounds having an anything but natural environment, but it did allow us to see one or two exciting species.

The Pandas on lone by the Chinese government, clearly get the bulk of visitors. They are simply beautiful creatures.

I was fascinated too with the colours in the aquarium section and in particular the Jelly Fish.

If you’re into zoos then consider the Tiergarten in Vienna, as this is apparently Europes best.