Lego Technic Claas Xerion, almost 2000 pieces suitable for Grandpas!

I’m still a big kid at heart and used to love building kits, making things, models, Meccano and Lego.

Loved all of these toys and in particular the Lego Technic range.

So I saw this on eBay and bought it from someone that had it stored in a cupboard.

It took about two weeks over a number of evenings watching TV. Almost 2000 pieces and great fun to build.

I have a grandson now and of course I need to get into practice, so what better way to get to grips with Lego than with this amazing model to build.

Generally it was pretty easy to build. Probably the most difficult part was actually finding the parts so I emptied all the pieces into plastic boxes and sorted into straight, small and large unique bits. Definitely helped me to find the pieces and made the build very satisfying.

To be honest it was fascinating putting the pieces together and gradually seeing the entire working parts connect.

And it does work! There are mechanical parts that are powered by batteries that rotate the cab to face front or back of the tractor. The crane goes up and down and rotates and the clever way this is designed is quite brilliant.

The drive mechanism and gearing is really clever too ensuring the the rear wheels turn in different directions to the front ones.

I think if you have a young person in the family or for that matter someone that feels young enough to build this, it’s perfect for them and very satisfying.

Of course totally recommended for Dads & Grandpas everywhere!