La La Land … kind of .. you know .. La La 

Sorry but La La Land just didn’t do it for me.

We visited Vue cinema at Middlebrook Bolton the other day to see this well publicised, highly acclaimed, over rated musical movie.

Ok, I’m no critic, I get that, but then I’m offering my tuppence worth here .. it just never reached a crescendo, climax or a feeling of ‘I really want to see this again’ .. instead I kept thinking ‘should I just walk out’, ‘it’s got to get better?’

The movie tells the story of two lives looking for stardom in the world of entertainment. One to become a great actress and the other a great jazz musician.

Their lives cross, tease their individual ways of life together and eventually part.

The ending is sad and not clichéd. The music is not memorable really, it’s fairly repetitive but is saved at one point when  John Legend is in concert, which I found fab.

The timeless and yet sharp colours and original cinematography are clever and certainly create that musical era that the producer and director were looking for.

Apart from this it felt like a budget film… I know this was deliberate, this didn’t have the feeling of an extravagant ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘Oliver’ or ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ production.

I was left with a feeling of bewilderment at how it won so many awards… but then what do I know!