A Wooden Dolls House, Petite Amélie – What every child wishes for

As a grandfather with five grandchildren, my imagination runs wild when I think of the various stages in a child’s life.

This is a time when they learn to walk, run, ride, swim, talk and so much more.

My vision for our grandchildren as they get older is that they should have the opportunity to play with educational toys, science sets, experiments and adventure.

A great building block for a young child like our three-year-old granddaughter, which stretches the imagination and helps them develop their character and confidence, is role play.

I discovered a really gorgeous website full of wooden toys by Petite Amélie.

Having created and built toys for my other grandchildren, when I discovered this stunning dolls house kit by Petite Amélie, it was hard to say no when deciding to buy it for her.

This wooden dolls house has a real modern twist about it, open plan and comes with 19 pieces of furniture too. Decorated panels slide into the structure giving each room a modern decorated appearance.

I remember the traditional looking ones that closed up at the front, but this was different. It’s open plan, open fronted, spacious and very inviting to a youngster.

It’s well built from wood, well proportioned in size and comes in a self assembly kit.

Its cool white, grey and black tones combined with natural wood give it a great look wherever you place it in your home.

Assembly was straightforward with every part numbered, and it just required a screwdriver. Don’t over tighten the screws as this is softwood and you might strip the threads easily.

Once assembled we introduced our granddaughter to it.

Sadly she was more interested in the dolls house than in Poppa!

If you fancy a large wooden dolls house then look no further than these guys, you’ll not be disappointed and neither will the recipient of such a beautiful gift.