2020 Global Pandemic, is this really happening? Thank Goodness for the NHS!

Panic buying, people die-ing, the army on standby, schools and shops closed, self-isolation, hardship and all because of a virus disease that we can’t see.

These are unprecedented times. A period like we have never known in our lifetime.

So how do we get through all of this?

To start with you stay calm and follow government advice.

But other than this all we can do is sit this out, keep well and accept that we are all in this together for the long haul.

Whilst we’re keeping our act together, attempting to avoid the daily increasing death count, our NHS subject themselves to the dangers of a highly contagious and invisible disease.

This week the people of the United Kingdom stood at their front doors and applauded the frontline Hero’s .. those who together protect us from this virus.

Our NHS is part of our defence. Fighting a battle like no other.

Stay safe.