Why a great tip on Pinterest went horribly wrong!

On browsing Pinterest the other day I came across 40 tips and use for WD40… in itself not that unusual.

One of the tips though seems to solve an old problem of mirrors that steam up after or during a shower.

According to the manufacturers of WD40 they say spraying this totally natural product on a mirror will stop it steaming up.

What a brilliant useful idea I thought.

So I rummaged in my garage and took the blue and yellow can upstairs and proceeded to spray the mirror.

The can spray appeared clogged, so I cleaned the spray head with a cloth and ensured that I sprayed the entire mirror.

Trying to polish the mirror seemed almost impossible .. the cloth felt like it was sticking to the mirror and the spray was not intending to budge.

It was then that I read the can instructions only to find that in fact I had sprayed glue all over the mirror! This was a can of photo mount spray in a can that at first glance looked identical to WD40.

Eventually after leaving it for a couple of hours I used jif to remove it all.

And the moral of the story? 

Check the label on the tin before use!