When to Mock a Crispy Duck!

I love my food.. most of us do.

Personally I love all Cantonese and Pekinese foods, the flavours, spices, the way it looks, the fresh food and the way it’s cooked.

If you’ve ever been to a really good Chinese restaurant and taken part in a banquet, you’ll know that no menu would be complete without Aromatic Crispy Duck.

So when friends suggested we visited a vegetarian restaurant in south Manchester called Lotus I was intrigued.

For starters aromatic crispy duck in a vegetarian restaurant must be an anomaly! And given that this was the first vegetarian oriental cuisine establishment that I had ever been in, frankly I wasn’t expecting much or to be impressed.

The Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen has great reviews online and this is a place where you can take your own alcohol.

But hey .. you’re here and your with friends, one of whom is a vegetarian.

So ordering Mock Crispy Duck off the Lotus menu surely is going to end in disaster, ever ending comparisons with umpteen Yang, Kwoks and Wings.

Interestingly the fried tofu, pancakes, plum sauce, strips of cucumber and spring onion accompanied by pancakes were not bad, in fact surprisingly good.

Not bad at all!

Even the sweet and sour vegan dish was good.

So if a change from meat, fish and poultry is what you’re looking for and you love Chinese food then I’d highly recommend you try The Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen in Withington, South Manchester.