When the smallest room gets the Michael Scott touch

Incredibly the smallest room in the house is often the least pampered when it comes to home improvements.

Our downstairs loo is used a lot, and especially more so now that we are working from home during this pandemic.

Our downstairs loo had a cupboard too small to hang coats, a cupboard above that had enough electrics, cables and meters that makes it look like a science project!

The basin was situated to one side of the window with two separate taps that often sprayed our guests with water that didn’t mix so it was either hot or cold!

There was a mirror on the wall that was too small to be useful, too offset to see yourself fully and looked like a poor afterthought.

Oh, and the toilet?

Well, a peach coloured toilet with a white soft close seat is just so old fashioned, so it was time to update.

Bring in Michael Scott .. aka ensuite/bedroom refurb

It needed gutting! So that’s what we did.

Out with the old and in with the new!

We’re very pleased with the final result. Michael delivers his promise to give you exactly what you want and is happiest when his clients are satisfied completely.

If you’ve considered having a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen done, then check out Michael Scott on Facebook .. he doesn’t have a website … but then what does he know about the web!