When Compensation isn’t Compensation!

I recently had a need to send a parcel and so decided to use MyHermes.

I’ve used them in the past and to be honest never had an issue with their service.

On this occasion, due to the lockdown and social distancing I opted for the pickup from my home for an additional 60p rather than the drop off service I’ve previously used.

The following day, Wednesday, I left the package on top of my dustbin as I had instructed, if out, this where the parcel could be found.

We’re living in very difficult times, I understand this and so was not totally surprised that no one collected by the end of the day. After all I could understand the drivers are probably overloaded.

So the following morning, Thursday I again put the parcel out, but once again it was not collected.

So Friday morning, I eventually tracked down a number to call MyHermes. After an hour holding on, I was answered by an assistant.

“My parcel was not been collected as planned on Wednesday” I said.

“Yes that’s right” said the customer service agent “The drivers are not collecting from homes. We should put something on the website!”

“Oh! .. but you charged me 60p for the option of collection?”

“yes sorry, we can compensate you by refunding the 60p”

“That’s not compensation!” I said. “I paid for the service and you’re not picking up.” “I’m not looking for compensation. I get the problems you’re having. I just need my parcel to go.”

“No problem Sir, we’ll refund the 60p to compensate you.”

“er fine .. what about my parcel?”

“well you can drop it off at one of our locations if they’re open!”