TransIndus – Exceptional service that will exceed your expectations!

We first used TransIndus in October 2008 and that was a holiday of a lifetime! .. so when it came to organising a long awaited trip to the South East Asia, TransIndus was a first choice.

My entire trip was personally handled by Chinmay.

To travel to a distant unfamiliar land can be daunting. The language, the food, the accommodation are just some of the worries you have prior to a trip of this size.

Young people like my daughters take these things in their stride and take a chance where they stay and end up, but for my wife and I, we reached that time of life when we wanted to be looked after, shown everything, cared for and free of worry over language and cultural barriers.

We didn’t have a five star budget, nor did we wish to feel that we were reduced to a one star holiday.

Chinmay found us the most fabulous luxury boutique hotels to suit our budget, in the perfect locations, guides, drivers and recommended a detailed plan of what, where, when and how we should see everything in our extensive itinerary.

The care that you take in meticulous planning of your trip and the consideration about the value and how much you can save yourself if you handle it yourself are all dealt with by TransIndus.

If you’re thinking of just booking it all yourself, on a budget and want an experience of a lifetime then frankly you’d be nuts not to use TransIndus.

When the detailed plan arrives and you know you’ll be met, taken to hotels, guided around a country where you’ll immerse yourself in the culture and the history you’ll understand what makes TransIndus such a winning formula.


Our trip was just my wife and I .. not a group, its such a wonderful feeling to be treated on a one to one basis.

Would I use TransIndus again? … Well actually the question should be turned on its head… Are we willing to travel to these distant places without them? Absolutely not!

Highly recommended, personal and well deserving of praise.