To be British means you’re not racist

So finally in July 2021, the Euro 2020 football cup final has finished and Italy are crowned champions.

The whole country held its breath as the English hero’s again and again confounded their critics and made it to the final at Wembley.

Calls to knight Gareth Southgate echoed and media praised his unorthodox choices of players.

But after extra time our multi talented squad stepped up to the spot for the penalty shoot out.

It was impossible to watch or not watch depending on your nervous disposition. But heroes don’t shy away from responsibility.

The entire country was behind our English football legends, because that’s exactly what they’ve become.

True Brits, wrap their arms around heroes even when it doesn’t always go right.

But the weakest of society, those that don’t understand what it means to be a truly great Englishman shame others misfortunes, weaknesses and losses with bigotry, racist slurs and bullying behaviour.

They are truly less British, less English and less worthy to hold citizenship in the country that gives them so much.

To be truly a great English supporter and citizen of this country requires just one simple quality .. respect.