To be a Vegetarian in Vietnam

Vietnamese people are generally slim with very clear skin complexions in the young and weathered faces in the older generation.

Not being a vegetarian for Vietnamese is really easy as they eat everything! And I mean everything! From poultry, meat and fish to mice, snakes and dogs!.. in fairness to the select few.

To be fair though all the food is fresh, freshly killed to order in the local markets.

But this really is a country where you can easily be a vegetarian… such vast selections of fruit, vegetables, tofu and rice exist in abundance.

In the West we really live very sterile lives purchasing only packaged, sanitised, selected products, but in truth very limited.

In Vietnam the country is teeming with food. 

As we’ve travelled around this amazing and wonderful country we were never too far from fresh fruits and vegetables often freshly from the ground and trees.

Street traders everywhere have customers buying daily produce to feed families, trying to make a small living and in many cases just trying to better their lives.