There’s my way and there is ‘Spice Way’

Off the court yard of Battlers Green Farm stands a small shop called Spice Way.

The shop itself is intriguing given the delightful aroma that spills out over the pavement.

Inside stands a presentation of colour and sweet aromatic fruit and spices.

This is surely a unique shop selling a variety of mixed spices ready for use in lifting standard cooking to new heights.

But I was intrigued by the fruit teas. Tiny chopped pieces of fruits blended together to make creative flavours.

The fruit is dried and when just a couple of teaspoons are added to hot water they burst into flavour.

Uniquely Karen, one of the owners, tells me that you should and can eat the fruit.

The drink is refreshing, original and explodes with wonderful fresh flavours and a tantalising scent.

I’ve spent a few weeks drinking the Lemon flavoured Fr’cinni and have no hestitation in recommending it to others.

At £4.99 for 175g you get around a dozen servings.

You can buy this and many other flavours and spices online at

I can’t comment on the other flavours or spices.. yet.. but I can tell you I’ve enjoyed this one.