The Vine, Whitefield – An original menu designed with style

Whitefield is quickly becoming popular with evening diners and it’s easy to see why.

It boasts numerous restaurants offering culinary dining experiences from around the world.

We visited this new restaurant midweek, after hearing good things about it and returned several weeks later with friends on a Saturday night.

The decor is simple and yet elegant. There is plenty of space between the tables and dark blue velour seating nicely compliments the clean walls.

I did feel that it lacked something, but exactly what I’m not sure on our first visit, as the music was just right, the restaurant was clean and unpretentious. But whatever it is, it made no difference to our evening and on our return with friends, the place was buzzing.

The new owner is very friendly and the staff are attentive too. The menu presented is tastefully designed, but somehow a little confusing. It lacks descriptive text that sells the culinary experience to the customer.

The dishes here are creative, different and full of inspiring flavours, but the portions size are inconsistent and would benefit from being on the generous side rather than sparse or overbearing.

On the whole, I love this place and you will too. We’ll be back after trying the Lamb Tagine and Fish with Samphire.