The Vietnamese secret drivers code and my fan base!

There are no rules when it comes to driving on the Vietnam roads. New lane departure warning systems would be in melt down over here.

But as we say farewell to Hoi An and drive towards Danang airport I suddenly realise that I am witnessing a secret code of the road.

Vehicles driving towards us, where previously I thought they were flashing to draw our attention to an imminent head on collision, would receive what I thought was an apologetic wave from our driver or from the oncoming vehicle.

But then I notice what looks like a downwards wave .. sort of slow down signal.

On questioning Tien our guide she tells me that drivers flash to ask if there were police they should be aware of .. in return a wave means ‘no, everything is fine’ whereas a signal to slow down says ‘yes, police ahead, slow down.

She also informs me that the police are very strict and fine you on the spot.

As we head towards the airport we make a final stop to see the beautiful sandy Danang beach, the clouds over the distant mountains, in the distance a giant female Buddha and fishermen pulling in their morning catch.

The Japanese tourists are fascinated .. by us! And ask for a photo.. I ask why? To be told, because ‘you are handsome!’ Oh how I like the Japanese!

My other fans are the silent ninjas of the night. They bite at the moment you’re not looking!

As we look out towards the aircraft before boarding for Ho Chi Min City (formerly Saigon) we notice it’s raining.. and we just missed it!