The search is on for this years winners of the ‘Fifty Four and Counting Best ‘Restaurant’, ‘Pub Grub’ and ‘Street Food’ Awards 2017

Spread the word! Fifty Four and Counting 2017 Awards are on!

I know .. there are loads of great restaurants out there.. but what makes a restaurant perfect for over 50s ..

Seriously I’m not just talking about the food, price, the service or the atmosphere alone, it’s a bit more than that. What are over 50s looking for, what do they expect and what makes a good restaurant the best.

You may be a country pub, a themed restaurant or offer street food… whatever you offer you could be in with a chance of this prestigious award.

There are no forms to complete, no entry fees and you can’t buy this award either.

I’m on the look out for the best restaurant, pub grub and street food places around the country. The food and atmosphere will be incredible, service perfect, friendly and warm.

If you’d like us to review your restaurant for the awards then drop a line to tell us why you are worthy of one of these three awards and we’ll be in touch.

The winner will receive the ‘Fifty Four and Counting for Best ‘Restaurant’ or ‘Pub Grub’ or ‘Street Food’ Award 2017 for over 50s’ Pen Rest so that they have somewhere for their booking pen … generously sponsored by our friends at The Pen Rest Co.  (pen not included) and PIMdesign

In addition the three winners will receive a most glowing review both on this site and social media presence and have the privilege of being able to use the Award graphic that we’ll supply on all their media.

The awards will be made at the end of 2017.