The Jade Museum, San Jose, Costa Rica – Costa Rican Culture all under one roof

Whilst we were in San Jose, Costa Rica we took an opportunity to visit the Jade Museum.

There are over 7,000 items on display in the Jade Museum in Costa Rica. Most of these are dated between 500 BC and 300 BC. During that period, the jade trade was at its peak. Pre-Columbian cultures traded with the Olmecs and Mayans to acquire enough raw materials to satiate the demand. 

Most of the jade pieces are images of animals and depictions of societal organization. Jade artwork and jewelry were used for ornamentation and often emphasized religious or shamanic rituals.

Jade which is rare, if you didn’t know, requires a great deal of skill to cut or carve as it is a very hard stone.

The Jade museum captures this pre columbian period with pots, jewellery and many other artefacts, showing people that were creative and clever with their enhanced skills.

The photos below are a selection from our visit to the Jade Museum.

If you get a chance to visit San Jose in Costa Rica I seriously recommend that you take time to visit the Jade Museum, you won’t be disappointed.

There is more information about the Jade Museum found here.