The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Edinburgh Castle – Magnificent Military Precision Spectacle… Amazing!

Standing high above the city of Edinburgh is the Castle. As we joined the thousands entering the modern stadium structure, you’re surrounded by high tiered seating on three sides of the parade ground whilst the Castle serves as the backdrop to what is to unfold.

We received good advice to dress warm and get a seat cushion (you rent them for £1 each), which we did as the evening is 90 minutes and by the end of the night you admire the hundreds of performers from around the world as much about their performance and pageantry as their ability to not show they are cold.

This was one of the most spectacular shows literally run with military precision that I have seen.

The commentator was clear, entertaining and as the Air Marshal received a guard of honour on the red carpet two tornados flew over head.. and that was just the beginning.

The music, dance and skills were colourful, fun and entertaining for everyone.

The firework display brought a crescendo to the end of the show before the national anthem.

The tickets were not cheap and nor the cheapest seats, but we got real value for money.

If you’ve not been to the Edinburgh Tattoo, put it on your bucket list, you’ll not be disappointed.