Tai Chi from the East meets beech from the West

The morning started with Tai Chi on deck at around 7-45am

Tai Chi is a very calm and controlled balance. Our Tai Chi Master who looks incredibly like our chef who takes us through a morning workout in slow motion.

Then onto the tenders to visit Tito Island and beech.

We are taken to an island where Hâ pays government representatives to allow us to use the beech and visit the island. 

The beech is very small, around 200 metres in length and we are given an hour to relax at 9-30am before returning for brunch. 

Who has it right? The Vietnamese who provide a controlled environment that is unspoilt and a little contrived which all seems surreal or us, the Westerners, who over commercialise, over develop and would prefer freedoms to climb the mountains, rest in a private Bay, populate with nudist and topless bikini clad individuals and be the first to complain when the landscape is destroyed!