Sunset Boulevard, Palace Theatre, Manchester – Worthy of a standing Ovation? 

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s story of a recluse silent movie star is a clever story.

The stage set is clever too with good use of props used to change from one scene to another seemlessly.

The exceptional performance by Ria Jones as Norma Desmond as a forgotten Hollywood star makes Sunset Boulevard worth seeing.

Whilst I do like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music I couldn’t help but think at times I was listening to scores from Phantom of the Opera.

The story of an out of work writer in Hollywood is well told through music.

For me, apart from one or two memorable numbers most of the music fades away.

All of the performers though are brilliant and deserve the worthy standing ovation that they receive at the end of an excellent show.

Would I recommend it? Well it is a great show but if you’ve seen Phantom of the Opera which personally I prefer, you may be disappointed.