Speedy Boarding?

We just returned from a weekend away flying to Berlin Schoenefeld.

We flew Ryanair going out and Easy Jet coming back.

It was somewhat bemusing to see those that had purposefully paid extra to whisk through security and get on the plane first.

You see when we arrived at the airport I noticed there were no queues at the checkin desks … either direction.

A couple stood next to us dropped off their bags using the speedy boarding checkin desk at the same time as us.

When we got to security they went ahead slightly.. only to find themselves subjected to a thorough search whilst we caught up with them.

I spotted them again in duty free, before we all got called to the gate.

They boarded the plane first.. but then found themselves subjected to many people filing slowly fast their seats, bumping, brushing and coughing all over them.

Speedy boarding? Hmm think I’ll leave that for now!