Solar Skirt by Titan – Those damn pigeons were driving me crazy

We had solar panels fitted in 2012.

Our neighbour, who was two doors away, also had them fitted.

Move on to 2024, and our new neighbours who moved in several years earlier failed to repair a broken tile on their roof. That attracted pigeons to start nesting. As time progressed, they began breeding, and now, the flying blighters have moved in under our solar panels.

The mess they made helped the gutters to fill too.

The only thing we could do was prevent these flying rats from thinking they could squat under our panels and play happy families!

So we called in Solar Skirts.

We chose the black aluminium panels that would make the edges of our solar array look deluxe and send a clear message to the grey feathered pests that they had been evicted.

The work was relatively straightforward with a black aluminium panel being attached with brackets to the edge of the solar panels.

The result was a very satisfying professional finish with a chimney panel at the top to allow warm air to escape.

I can’t understand why something like this was not fitted as standard on all solar installations.. its the finishing touch and hopefully the end of them damn pooping aviators known as squatting pigeons!

We’re delighted with the finished result, and you’ll be too .. contact Solar Skirt yourself for more info.