Royal Coster Diamonds – There’s a lot more to a diamond that meets the eye

After visiting the Rijksmuseum, before jumping on the tram we decided to visit the Royal Coster Diamonds Museum and workshop.

This is a working jewellers where diamond are polished and creations are made.

Their claim to fame is that they have created a diamond called the 201 with 201 facets more than any other diamond. This gives it more sparkle.

What I found interesting was the large volume of different shapes available and the varying types of diamonds, categories and clarities that adds to their value.

We were accompanied around the work shop by a knowledgable guide who explained what the staff were doing and showed us tools and techniques.

Clearly this is quite a skill and requires a steady hand to build facets out of rocks that turn to beautiful diamonds.

As suspected we led through a number of corridors with exhibits and ended up at the start of a showroom where surprise surprise, jewellery can be purchased.

Working your way through a maze leads you eventually to the cheapest items and the door.

Its a free access visit and i recommend it to you as it was interesting.

You can read more about Royal Coster Diamond here