RHS Bridgewater, Worsley, Manchester – A pure of oasis of delight and surprises

Did you know that the canals in the UK began with the famous Bridgewater Canal designed and funded by the Duke of Bridgewater. It was brilliant in both concept and practice.

The coal would be brought up from the mines below by a series of clever locks that gradually brought the coal to the surface where it was moved to Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

The home of the Duke of Brigewater is well documented, that being the former Worsley Old Hall, later to hold Jacobean Banquets and then to become the Brewers Fayre. The land made way to a new development of the Marriott Hotel and golf course.

What many didn’t realise was that there was actually another piece of land that used to have Worsley New Hall upon it.

This Hall eventually demolished after a fire, previously had two visits from Queen Victoria, was used by troops during the Second World War and eventually the land was acquired by the Royal Horticultural Society and opened in May 2021.

But enough about the lands history … this place is impressive and will blossom literally, and mature with age.

Our visit was on a wet and cold August day in 2021.

The photos show it as it was on that day.

The gardens are still maturing, but the work is fabulous and with a free guided tour you really got a sense of what was being achieved.

The entrance to the RHS Bridgewater is a very modern building with toilets shop and restaurant.

Well worth a visit.

You can get more information from their website here.