Rhodes old Town, Rhodes – A stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site

The island of Rhodes is situated just off the coast of Turkey, in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

On the Northern point of the island of Rhodes lies the capital.

The old city is not your typical ruin, neglected and crumbling and neither is it quite what I expected, having visited many archeological digs.

This is way more than this.

The old city walls must surely have looked as they do now when first built.

The cobbled streets, squares and character of the old town are picturesque and worth exploring.

The old town of Rhodes was home to around 2000 jews until the war when they were deported and murdered.

Today just five jewish families remain, and the old synagogue a place that draws visitors from around the globe.

This was the medieval city of Rhodes and home to the knights during the Crusades 1309 – 1522. The palace is of particular interest and worth a visit.

This walled city is well worth exploring. It gives you great insight as to what life was like during the period of the Knights.

The cobbled streets, the atmosphere and culture can all be experienced first hand.

This is a lovely place to visit where people are friendly, and history is preserved for all to enjoy.

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