Remember how you felt when strangers were too close?

Pre Covid 19, there was a time when the intrusion of personal space bothered us for different reasons.

It was a time when sitting too close to someone eating, drinking, working or just talking was met with an uncomfortable desire to gently and discreetly distance yourself from the offender.

And then there were times when you were in the company of those you like, care, love and desire who were encouraged to come closer.

It’s what humans do.

This pandemic though brings about a new spacial awareness where physical rather than social distancing becomes part of the subconscious.

In leisure, retail and indoor public spaces like shops, airports and banks, there are floor markings, signs and hand sanitisers. Everyone is encouraged to keep at least 2 metres apart but instructed physical distancing plays havoc with humanities inbuilt social and spacial awareness.

As you stand talking to your friends who can’t possibly be a spreader of the disease, they get nearer to you crying out for that social connection whilst your instincts scream at you to keep your physical distance.

Oh what a funny world we’re living in!