Platzki Restaurant, Manchester – Where Genuine Polish Hospitality is Served

An area of Manchester that I rarely visit is The Great Northern. This now modern complex boasts some fabulous restaurants, bars and a cinema.

It’s quite close to the Manchester GMex, a stone’s throw from Manchester’s Opera House and parallel to Deansgate ending just before the skyscraper Hilton Hotel.

So my wife and I decided to try out Platzki, a polish restaurant that one of our friends and work colleague Kasia told us about.. And believe me if she says something worth trying, you don’t ignore her!


I found it a little difficult to find because it is located on an upper level at the back of the shops on Deansgate, found by going up a staircase located between shops.

Anna was very welcoming when we entered this cosy looking restaurant.




The open plan kitchen is efficiently run by partners Pchemek (shemek) and Lukasz (Lucash) who regularly change the menu we are told.


The tables and chairs resemble a cafe layout with a casual feel but disguise the quality of dishes that these two capable Poles produce.

Unlike Manchester, when we visited it was raining and was a little cold, so we opted for a hot drink on arrival.


I tried the fresh honey and ginger. Ask for a strainer.. it makes it easier to drink… but it was lovely and refreshing.

The presentation of the starters was a feast for the eyes and unusual to the palette and included a Beetroot Carpaccio served with horseradish dressing and Smoked Mackerel starter… original and delicious! We tried the grilled Oscypek smoked cheese too with a fresh homemade plum sauce.. fabulous!

For the main courses, which we’re told change every week, we tried the Braised Ox Cheeks in red wine on a bed of pearl barley and the Butternut squash and potato dumplings served with fresh thyme and infused butter sauce and finished with smoked cottage cheese.


Over on the sideboard were a selection of desserts too irresistible to ignore, so we tried them. I loved the one with poppy seed!



Overall Platzki is a pleasure for lunch or dinner. It’s perfect for pre-cinema or theatre, or when you’re out shopping in the city.

Give it a try, you’ll not be disappointed. You can see their website here.