Pasta Evangelists – Creative Italian pasta dishes that make you look like a Gourmet Chef

Italian food is, without doubt, one of my all-time favourite foods so when I had the opportunity to try out Pasta Evangelists I jumped at it. This relatively new company ship fresh pasta to your door, with regular changes to the dishes that they offer.

The concept is clever in that a box is delivered by a next day carrier who kept me informed of the impending arrival time to within an hour.

Inside the box is a wool-insulated bag with ice packs that were still frozen… impressive.

Inside I found three different dishes to try. Each one carefully colour coded, so I could easily identify which pots went with which dish.

There were delightfully written sheets with each dish telling you where they came from and how to make them.

Each cardboard box is sealed to keep the pasta fresh, giving a generous single portion.

I must admit I was quietly impressed by the quality of the informative and clear steps given about each dish.

The pack contained Mediterranean Tuna and Caper Ravioli with Thyme Butter & Lemon Pangrattato, Artisan Ravioli Quattro Formaggi with Breadcrumbs and Sage Butter, and Marbled Beef & Truffle Tortelloni with Sage Butter & Hazelnut Crumb.

So following the steps for the Tuna and Caper Ravioli I carefully melted the seasoned butter and placed the pasta in boiling water for the recommended period of time and finished each dish off as instructed with various dressings.

The recipes are really easy to follow and take only a few minutes to complete.

Each dish is simple to put together and this is where Pasta Evangelists score. They provide a clever way to enhance your weekly menu and to give you dishes that even a novice could put together!

Pasta Evangelist is a wonderful way to receive a fresh gourmet Italian dish direct to your home to turn you into a Bellismo Chef and really impress your guests.

All three dishes were different in our case with the tuna and caper being my personal favourite.

Whilst this is a subscription service, I was impressed that you can choose what you want and when. So if the odd purchase is what you prefer then it will be no problem. To me though pasta should be on the weekly menu and Pasta Evangelist offer such a wide range of fresh creative pasta that their passion for these dishes will be noticed by you, your guests and family everytime you make one of these amazing dishes.

I certainly would encourage you to try out Pasta Evangelist and to get you started they offer a 20% discount code 20OFF3 to be used on the first three boxes.

Check out their website here