Pandemic – Now Social Distancing

As I write, different arguments theories and worries grow all around us about the pandemic. A new disease that mankind has not known before and to which no cure exists presently introduces worries about our personal health and financial security.

Tonight our Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that everyone should avoid unnecessary contact, should work from home if they can, avoid travel or going to pubs, restaurants or events. On top of this, the over 70’s are strongly advised against mixing and should try to observe stringent social distancing measures.


I just want to keep my family safe and well, as I am sure we all do. Government tells us not to panic buy, there is plenty of stock and yet the media shows us supermarkets with long queues and empty shelves.

In my local supermarket, there were no empty shelves apart from the pasta.

I think keeping a rolling stock of two weeks supplies at home will give time to look for items in short supply.

Perhaps keeping a tank of fuel and some cash to hand is probably sensible too.

But this contagious virus, whilst it may not be my ultimate demise, could easily infect and kill someone else.

Talk of self isolation is not a problem to me as I can and do work from home. Using email, phones, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp video or Facebook video are ways to keep up communication and normality.


But this leads me to look at the next issue. If businesses are to pay their staff to come to work and produce food and groceries, they can’t be isolated. If they are, then factories and shops can’t trade.

If there’s no trade then you lay off staff and you have no money for bills.

In the USA restaurants must close but can offer takeaway food, large gatherings banned and social distancing encouraged.

If business starts to contract, then we must take appropriate steps too.

But when does health outweigh the importance of keeping the economy, jobs and income going?

For me, the medical advice to create a ‘herd immunity’ makes sense. But i’m no scientist.

In my lifetime I have never lived through anything like this pandemic. So when I hear the government tell us there are travel restrictions, we should self isolate, there could be rationing, stock markets falling, social distancing and more, it feels like we’re shadow boxing.

Social Distancing

This invisible disease, that kills the vulnerable and spreads fast could be natures way of correcting humanity. Right now though its most effective at reducing global warming, killing capitalism, reducing the movement of terrorists and with any luck will help get rid of Trump!

Given that we can’t stop the CoViD-19 virus, life must continue and this is likely to be a long haul all we can do is work together, keep our distances from each other, avoid being tactile, batten down the hatches and offer understanding to everyones growing problems.

I wish you all a long life!

PS .. I’ll trade you one toilet roll for a hand gel!