On your own or Malerone?

When visiting certain countries around the world you need to be vaccinated against all sorts of prevalent diseases.

One common killer is malaria. This  horrible illness is contracted by bites from a mosquito.

Our National Health service considers your trip abroad a personal choice and as such does not provide you with protection against malaria at a subsidised cost.

In our case our doctor gave us prescriptions which he said we had to pay £11 for. I thought that was for the tablets… until I was told no, that is £11 each just for the private prescription. (I since discovered that if you make an appointment with a pharmacist they will recommend what you need at no cost).

Then on talking to the chemist I was asked was I aware of the cost for the 28 tablets that would be required to protect me against malaria?

“No?” I said..

It is £91.49 …….. and that’s for each person!

So here’s the thing, almost £200 or take a chance?

Well of course you can’t risk contracting such an illness so my wife and I investigated the cost.

Malerone lost its protected patent a year ago. It is probably the best defence against malaria on the market and requires you to start taking two days before and for seven days after the trip.

Our research helped us find the generic equivalent … total cost £72… for both of us!

Mind due, you should read the list of possible side effects!

So the moral of the story is to research what is required with a pharmacy before going to the doctor… your life is worth it!