OMG! Whatever your moral compass, we’re being asked to vote with our conscience

When the Chief Rabbi stepped into the political ring today he suggested that the UK go to the polls voting with their conscience.

I totally understand and support why he makes his comments. As he says, if someone can stand with people who call for the killing of Jewish people and not stamp out antisemitism whilst in opposition, what would he be like running the country.

Every religious leader could cast a view and ask us to stamp out prejudice, religious and racial discrimination, to ensure that our moral compass guides us.

But asking people to vote with their conscience … wow that could be a leap of faith! After all what matters to some more than anti- semitism, could be climate change, lack of social care funding, the homeless, the disadvantaged, the less fortunate and those that use food banks and all those things Labour wants us to think about first.

The last big decision to be made by the electorate resulted in chaos, a non functioning parliament and division over Europe.

There is no place in today’s society for prejudice of any kind and its right to call it out when it exists, but I sincerely hope that the call to vote according to our conscience doesn’t actually lend the opposition a hand.