OMG! Guess who arrived by helicopter next to Ethrow Country Park whilst I was out walking!

My wife and I spent last bank holiday Monday out walking with friends in Ethrow Country Park … A lovely place filled with wildlife and natural beauty.

As we got our walking boots on, I saw a private helicopter, big enough to seat probably eight people on board fly low and slow overhead and land just beyond the tree line in front of me on a hill.

A short time later the roar of the helicopter could be heard as it rose above the trees, dipped its nose, raised its landing gear and headed back from the direction it arrived.

I thought it looked something like this..

But actually I discovered it on a Facebook page and it actually was this …

I was close!

The walk was great, with fields and valleys full of protected Bluebells. As we drew to the end of our long walk, the day become sunnier and warmer… but I had a burning curiosity about the helicopter.

So today I Googled Ethrow Country Park and looked at a satellite view and identified roughly where I saw the helicopter land. On the map was a marker showing Farmer John and this lead me to a pretty uninspiring website about mountain bikes.

So I rang Farmer John, in part because I am in the internet business and felt his site was in need of updating and out of curiosity given that the site was not so exciting who could possibly be arriving by private helicopter.

Farmer John answered “Oh the helicopter .. yes you know who was on it? … Theresa May! Yes she landed in our field to go to a private meeting!… she wasn’t visiting us!”