News Revue, Canal Café Theatre – The Longest Running Live Comedy Show that Cancelled!

London the capital of all things British. A centre for finance, monarchy and above all the home to the News Revue at the Canal Café Theatre that sadly I never got to see or experience.

Having travelled from Manchester especially to see my daughter and family, a planned Saturday night performance was booked to see this well-established show.

We arrived on time to premises with a small entrance that could be mistaken for a pub rather than a ground floor bar and theatre.

As we waited for the 9-30pm performance we noticed considerable activity by the theatregoers waiting to gain access to the upstairs, where presumably the theatre and performance would take place.

There was no announcement, no explanation, no signs or directions to indicate why shoulders were dropping, smiles were turning to frowns and heels were turned and wait for it … people were leaving … all of them??

As we made our way to the tiny kiosk by the front door, someone said the show was cancelled. I asked the man behind the tiny ticket desk why?

“The technician is stuck on the tube”

And that was it … nothing else, just the show is cancelled.

So I am unable to review the longest running live comedy show in the Canal Café Theatre because it was stuck on the tube!