Naturally fast food can be healthy from a motorway services

According to the press, we are a very unhealthy nation. BMI values show many Brits being obese, living terribly unhealthy lifestyles and taking little or no action to improve their lives.

So on a recent trip to London, we stopped at motorway services offering a variety of culinary choices.

There was McDonald’s of course (with loads of customers waiting to be served) along with other establishments offering a huge range of fast food and then there was a chain I had not heard of before called Leon.

They offered a full range of really healthy meals that included brown rice or salads.

This food was different, not your regular burgers, buns or chicken strips. This was healthy, unique and original and really tasty with the addition of salads, brown rice and other such healthy alternatives.

I just love Leon for their naturally fast food, I’m sure you will too .. check them out here