Nando’s Middlebrook Bolton on Valentine’s Day & Match night

Turning up on a match night for a meal at the Middlebrook  complex in Bolton, which is also home to Bolton Wanderers Football Club, prior to the cinema is bad enough! Throw into that Valentine’s Day and you’ve certainly got to be mad to eat somewhere like Nando’s.

After all it took ages to park, you couldn’t book and on arrival there were loads of people waiting for tables in front of us!

But despite all of this we decided to wait for a table, we were out for the evening, and we were here.

It was a freezing blustery cold night, but eventually a table became free and we were offered it by the door!

Well apart from all that this place was buzzing. The menu was creative, Nando’s style, focusing on freshly barbecued chicken, sides such as peri chips and coleslaw and roasted veg and highly original mixes like Roasted Portobello Mushroom and Grilled Halloumi Cheese team up to defeat hunger.

Also on the menu we’re plenty of other choices for vegetarians too.

Add to this any level of spice, and the meal was not to disappoint us.

The value of this place is really good too, with bottomless soft drinks and piping hot plates and food .. we really enjoyed Nando’s here at Middlebrook.

We clearly stood out given that the couple with tattoos and scars next to us said you have to get your own plates as our food arrived, so as my wife disappeared to get them, the waitress returned with plates as well.

Our neighbours were surprised!

All in all Nando’s has it right, great menu, balanced pricing, very tasty and well cooked food.. just very busy.. but hey what do you expect on a match night on Valentines Day!