My Volvo XC60 – Dependable, smart, and after 6 years still current!

Having driven my Volvo XC60 for the past six and a half years I feel that I have credible experience to review this car with full authority.

So lets start from the beginning and talk about the actual model I have …

This is a Volvo XC60 SE LUX D5 May 2010 model.

The car currently has little over 63,000 miles, has had regular servicing at a main dealer and been well looked after.

This model has 205bhp, the torque at the start of the acceleration really is quite impressive, pulling the car smoothly away from other road users…. even after 6+ years. That said I think the engine improves with age.

When I bought this car I debated about extras as all car owners do. As this was a private purchase and I was trading in my old S80 on the then government scrappage scheme, I wanted a car that would last.

The extra costs to have keyless was £500 .. to be honest I should have taken this option. I realise now just how much I would benefit from this one luxury. Currently I have to press the key fob to unlock and place it in the dash before starting the car.

Secondly the car spec I chose came with leather seats and whilst the lux model has heated seats and armrest in the front, sadly it is missing from the rear seats. My choice due to the additional expense was to do without…

When I ordered the car, to save costs, I chose not to have the reversing camera added to the car… what a mistake!

I first realised it was a problem at night…. I had paid extra for the privacy glass but couldn’t see when I reversed! To make the matter worse.. the car is an SUV and as its rear window is raised slightly and my drive is slightly sloped, so reversing off the drive meant that without a camera I couldn’t see behind me!

I subsequently had it retro fitted at a cost of around £700ish as I remember.

One of the best things I did was to take an extended warranty with a company called Warranty Direct. With this additional cover I was covered when a fault developed in the All Wheel Drive system (AWD).

Then sometime later after having the car washed the reversing camera failed! Thank goodness I had cover for this.

All in all this is the best car I have ever had!