My Emotional Roller Coaster Week and The Future of the UK

Change happens.

It’s just one part in the cycle of life.

People come and go, some win, some lose and others are not part of the future at all but merely a vivid memory.

As the polls this week predicted left, right, remain and leave my emotions this week have been disturbed by inevitable change.

The fear that some might be ok to live with prejudice of any type, the fear that communism could take hold and the emotions associated with the loss of your closest ally.

Change happens.

When I lost my mum at the start of the week I realised that her demise was inevitable, even so when I thought about the future and probably the most important election in my lifetime, I’m thankful for the past and hopeful for the future.

My mum was of a generation that fought a war and lived a full and fruitful life as a result of hard work by my late father. She lived in a country of tolerance, diversity and hope. The very thought that a government might get in, strip hard working individuals of their hard earned wealth and banish entrepreneurial spirits from our way of life was scary.

Getting Brexit Done was not my first choice, but moving on unlocks the log jam, shows that individuals have the power to make change and shows that whilst all parties can promise their version of the future, humans are capable of sorting through the noise.

My mum leaves a hole in my life, but democracy leaves me with hope and a brighter future.

The country will now bounce into confident trade, shops will buzz, the economy will boom until the next crisis or sad loss.

Antisemitism, prejudice and Marxism are rejected. But of course we know who will be blamed if the outcome is not what you expected.

But perhaps the public did vote with their conscience after all, my mum will leave me with a lasting inner peace and the future will be brighter than it has been.

Let’s hope that Boris can rebuild trust, deliver on his promises and that we all remember that change is inevitable.