Moeders Restaurant, Amsterdam – Most likely the most motherly restaurant ever!

We arrived in Amsterdam for a weekend break and on our first night decided to try this well reviewed and off the beaten track restaurant called Moeders. In english Moeders means Mothers.

What a strange name for a restaurant which is why my curiosity was peaked.

To be honest I was expecting a quiet restaurant, spacious and perhaps half full. What we found was a restaurant packed with diners. All the tables were close together to create a real cosy atmosphere and images of women mainly in frames over every square inch of wall space.

This really was a most unusual establishment.

There was a mixture of dutch and english all on the same laminated menu.

All the dishes we are told are cooked to the owners mothers original recipes.

We started with onion soup and quinoa salad with kidney beans, onions and tomato. The taste of both were mature and full of flavour.

This really was a most unusual restaurant in that the owners invited all the locals to bring a framed picture of their mother, along with a set of cutlery and a plate or two when it first opened.

The result, an eclectic mix of crockery and cutlery where nothing matches. It must have saved the owner a lot of money. Now a-days so popular is the idea that they have to sadly decline offers of framed pictures and additional crockery and cutlery.

The most popular main dish here is Grandmas stew, served with red cabbage and potato.

Other popular dishes are the Steak with béarnaise sauce. In all cases the meat is cooked to perfection.

You can’t end the evening here without their home made deserts. So we ordered the cookie dough ice cream and the dutch apple pie, Both served with cream and were delicious.

The service and house wines here were well appreciated and I would have no hesitation recommending a visit to Moeders Restaurant when you’re next in Amsterdam.

Check out their website and be sure to book a table in advance.