Mezzaluna, Whitefield – Good food, service a little too casual

The weather was warm, COVID still with us and an evening with friends was on the cards.

We chose Mezzaluna and arrived, to be asked to sign in to meet COVID regulations, as the waiter wandered away.

We eventually made our way through to the rear where the outdoor seating consisted of picnic tables and benches.

The staff were generally busy and efficient, perhaps a little too relaxed with visors above the heads and practising social distancing as close to our friends as we were!

We ordered a mix of bean salad, tomato, mozzarella avocado salad and mushrooms.

The dishes were delicious and well presented.

For the main course I had sea bass on a predominantly aubergine mix of veg. It was really good. My wife had a Florentina pizza.

There was no deserts for us in part because the enthusiasm of staff to remove plates before others were finished, removal of glasses and menu cards all gave the impression that they were eager for us to leave, so we did!

In fairness these are unusual times, the food was really good and reasonably priced.

I’ll be back!

You can look at their website here