Mantaray, Tel-Aviv, Israel – Amazing Food, Great Atmosphere and Location – But you’ll never guess who was behind me!

This is a belated blog post and a story about a trip I made in December 2019 to Israel.

I’m told that Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

We went to Israel over the Christmas break for a wedding. in December 2019. Who would have guessed the weather would be awful with a storm that would flood the roads and winds of biblical proportions! But hey, this is Israel, where anything is possible.

Anyway, we had dinner with friends at Mataray located on the beachfront.

The restaurant was pleasant enough, with attentive service and a broad menu.

We chose a couple of dishes from the Mezze starters, followed by the best Sea Bass I have ever tasted! It was just excellent.

But whilst I was eating, I noticed men moving around the restaurant, checking and observing everything.

Suddenly the chair behind me moved back, and the gentleman rose and made his way to the toilets.

As he returned to his table my friend said look who it is, Ehoud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel between 1999 and 2001.

It would seem that I have dined with one of the most highly decorated soldiers in Israels’ history.

Read all about him here.