Manchester Airport Meet & Greet – Really Efficient, but Fast Track may not be worth it

So we began our relaxed journey to Manchester Airport in our own car and arrived at the Meet and Greet after following signs to T1 M & G.

The entry into M & G requires that you stop whilst the entire car is scanned. I liked that.

As the number plate was recognised I was welcomed on a screen by name that then told me to advance and to note the lane number.

After unloading and being efficiently directed to a reception to hand in the keys we made our way into the terminal.

We were flying with Jet2Holidays but the signs were not clear and so ended up following Departure A before realising we were checking in at Departure B.

Very organised for bag drop off and labelling gives a thumbs up to Jet2.

We paid extra for Fast Track through security when we booked the M & G, but sadly this is the waste of money.

If there had been queues, perhaps it might have been worth it, but we arrived at the security scanners at the same time as others.

For those with the Fast Track pass you walk in a straight line parallel to the queue zig zag, but was it worth it?

I guess it’s a lottery.. some you win and some you lose.

On arrival back at Manchester Airport, we arrived at Terminal 1. After collecting baggage we quickly noted the signs to M&G and went to collect our key and car.

The lockers we had been informed to collect from were out of order, but the reception was just behind it and our key was handed over with directions to where the car was parked.

Overall I would say the Meet and Greet service was efficient, time saving and fairly cost effective for us.