Love Potions, Hotel Chocolat – Valentines Day complete!

That old romantic in me tells me that to miss Valentines Day after almost 35 years of marriage would be a mistake! That sets the tone for the rest of the year. A bit like missing your wedding anniversary… not something you really want to do.. it will become the one thing the love of your life will remember!

The woman in my life enjoys those romantic gestures, thoughtful gifts and although diet conscious loves chocolate and a cheeky tipple.

So in my quest to find a gift to show how much I love my wife I came across Hotel Chocolat and the perfect gift for Valentines Day.

Love Potions contains 16 individual chocolates that I can imagine sharing with my wife and best friend over a romantic evening.

Each chocolate with that cheeky tipple I mentioned earlier contains either rum, gin or vodka-based cocktail.

There are four flavours to choose from.

There are four Raspberry Daiquiri chocolates containing pressed raspberries, zesty Mexican lime and a glug of Saint Lucian rum.

Then there are four Fine and Dandy chocolates made with lively gin, triple sec lemon and Valencia orange entombed in 40% milk.

They also include four Shaken Black Cherry chocolates which contain black cherry, Saint Lucia rum and hazelnut liqueur sealed in 40% milk.

and finally, four Passion Fruit Martinis with a burst of passion fruit, a dash of vodka, a splash of Prosecco all served up in 70% dark chocolate.

OMG, these chocolates are really good! One bite is enough to keep you going for ages. Definitely not the type you binge on.

And the centres are soft but hit the spot the moment you bite into them.

So if love is in the air and you want to make an impression .. you’ll certainly do that with ‘Love Potions’.

Hotel Chocolat has a huge range to choose from and being a chocoholic I look forward to reviewing the rest of their range soon!

You can get more information from Hotel Chocolat.