Lockdown! – Boris calls time! Perhaps an alternative approach?

After a softening up of the British people and one final sunny Mothers day, the Prime Minister has finally brought down the curtain and started a very long interval.

It’s definitely not something we are used to.

But I have a view regarding the approach the government has taken. I wonder if others would agree if this would work.

What would have been so terrible if the country froze stock markets, stopped businesses from issuing invoices, prevent payment of purchase invoices. No one to receive wages or any bills, no taxes, nothing.

No rent to be paid, no rates, mortgages, gas or electric bills.

Instead issue every person with essential weekly food vouchers that have a total value of say £90 a week that can only be delivered.

This way no one starves, no one profits, and no one is forced to pay any bills.

I’m sure there is a flaw in my thinking but what do I know!