Latest Coronavirus News

The latest from the UK government advises self isolation if you have a new cough or fever for 7 days.

Additionally the Chief Scientific Officer says we can’t stop this but we can delay the peaks in the health system. He added that 60% of the population needs to get Covid 19 in order to create a heard immunity.

But will that work?

I’m not a scientist, but listening to reactions around the globe especially from the media appears to be creating mass panic buying of pasta and toilet rolls.

Businesses will inevitably fail, the virus will be around for a long time and lifestyle choices will no longer be as they were.

But as I see this, panicking doesn’t sort the problems ahead. Taking the steps that the UK government have taken appear sensible, however I sense that restrictions on purchases, travelling and leisure will be around for sometime.

Reassuring my immediate family is my priority right now.

If you have to work from home, get regular breaks, work from a separate room without distractions and keep in touch with your colleagues.