Just another baby? … I don’t think so!

We are as well programmed as the relationship between a motion sensor and an alarm, a light switch and a bulb and a remote for a TV.

It’s an assured thing .. you flick the switch and know that the light will turn on or the TV Channel will change when you use the remote.

But the emotions we acquire over time through interaction, sentimental value or a simple connection work in the same way.. the switch is on and the connection is made.

When my daughter was born almost 30 years ago, that emotional trigger was switched on … and nothing has deminished that feeling… if anything it gets more intense.

But to be a grandparent .. surely that is different? Surely the bond between grandchild and grandparent can’t be as strong?

At 1:57pm on Tuesday 3rd January 2017, my little girl, gave birth to a little boy.

My emotions were stretched over concern for my daughter and for the welfare of a new life arriving in this world, for this family.

The bonding, sense of belonging, being a part of and even a contributor to this childs genetic makeup, makes me feel partially responsible for this new life and immense pride.

He’s a lucky little fellow too.. he’s not alone in this world. Already surrounded by overwhelming love from a mother and father who are taken by surprise … despite the nine months of maternity .. nothing prepares my daughter for the pain and elation, or my son-in-laws unexpected emotional bond at the moment of birth.

Our new grandson benefits too from new Uncles and Aunts.. some time served and others awarded the title for the first time.. giving even them a sense of responsibility, belonging, and an overwhelming love to a child yet to utter its first words or see this world clearly for the first time.

But this little chap is blessed with four grandparents .. each eager to share in our urge to be great grandparents to a child yet to discover humanity.

There is a moment where you consider those that are sadly no longer here to share in this moment, but everyone from friends to Great Grandparents all feel connected.